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The Champions of the 3 Junior A leagues and one designated host compete in a round robin to determine who gets a bye into Minto Cup championship round. In a semi final, second place finisher in the round robin plays third. The winner faces the first place finisher in a best three out of five championship series.

We will keep you up to date on the season standings and the playoffs leading up to the Minto Cup Championship Check out the tabs for Ontario, the OJALL, British Columbia, the BCJALL and the Rocky Mountain JrA Lacrosse League the RMJALL based in ALberta with one team in Saskatchewan.

This is the latest draft of the 2018 Minto Cup Schedule


Thursday August 16th

 Team 1  Team 2
 RMJALL 2  vs.  BCJALL  5:00PM
 OJALL  vs.  RMJALL 1  8:00PM
 Friday August 17th  RMJALL 2  vs.  OJALL  4:30PM
 BCJALL  vs.  RMJALL 1  8:00PM
 Saturday August 18th  BCJALL  vs.  OJALL  5:00PM
 RMJALL 1  vs.  RMJALL 2  8:00PM
 Sunday August 19th SEMI FINAL  3rd Place  vs.  2nd Place  7:00PM
 Monday August 20th       DAY  OFF
  BEST 3 of 5 FINAL  Semi-Final Winner  vs.  1st Place  7:00PM
 Tuesday August 21st     GAME 1  Semi-Final Winner  vs.  1st Place  7:00PM
 Wednesday August 22nd GAME 2  1st Place  Semi-Final Winner  7:00PM
 Thursday August 23rd  GAME 3  Semi-Final Winner  1st Place  7:00PM
 Friday August 24th       DAY  OFF  DAY OFF
 *Saturday August 25th GAME 4  1st Place  Semi-Final Winner  7:00PM
 *Sunday August 26th    GAME 5  Semi-Final Winner  1st Place  7:00PM

*  If Necessary            Schedule dated June 19, 2018

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