This is the latest draft of the 2018 Minto Cup Schedule


Thursday August 16th

 Team 1  Team 2
 RMJALL 2  vs.  BCJALL  5:00PM
 OJALL  vs.  RMJALL 1  8:00PM
 Friday August 17th  RMJALL 2  vs.  OJALL  5:00PM
 BCJALL  vs.  RMJALL 1  8:00PM
 Saturday August 18th  BCJALL  vs.  OJALL  4:30PM
 RMJALL 1  vs.  RMJALL 2  8:00PM
 Sunday August 19th SEMI FINAL  3rd Place  vs.  2nd Place  7:00PM
 Monday August 20th       DAY  OFF
  BEST 3 of 5 FINAL  Semi-Final Winner  vs.  1st Place  7:00PM
 Tuesday August 21st     GAME 1  Semi-Final Winner  vs.  1st Place  7:00PM
 Wednesday August 22nd GAME 2  1st Place  Semi-Final Winner  7:00PM
 Thursday August 23rd  GAME 3  Semi-Final Winner  1st Place  7:00PM
 Friday August 24th       DAY  OFF  DAY OFF
 *Saturday August 25th GAME 4  1st Place  Semi-Final Winner  7:00PM
 *Sunday August 26th    GAME 5  Semi-Final Winner  1st Place  7:00PM

*  If Necessary               Schedule dated June 19 2018

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