Coquitlam Takes An Early Series Lead, Hands Brampton their First Tournament Loss

Adanacs Take 1-0 Series Lead After a Flurry of Third Period Goals Gives Them an 11-9 Victory

CALGARY, Alberta – The highly anticipated rematch between the BCJALL Champions and the OJALL Champions took place Tuesday night at Max Bell Arena. The first of a possible five games offered fans in attendance and watching online everything they could have asked for in an early series game. Plenty of back to back action filled all three periods, as both teams sought to gain the upper hand in what had already been a lengthy tournament of attrition.

Despite a two-day layoff, Brampton’s high powered offense did not miss a beat scoring four opening period goals, two of which came from their captain Jeff Teat. Teat would assist the two other Excelsiors goals, taking part in every goal the offense generated. The obvious focus for the Adanacs prior to the game and during the game was to control Teat’s production. Throughout the first period, the Adanacs seemed largely unsuccessful. For Coquitlam, their offense sputtered early, as Steven Orleman continued to make save after save, limiting the Excelsior offense to two goals in the period. The Excelsior’s exited the first period with a two-goal advantage, leading the rival Adanacs by a score of 4-2.

It appeared that the opening of the second period would be much similar to the first, as Jeff Teat scored his third goal of the game with just over four minutes into the period. Despite a quick answer a minute later from Ethan Ticehurst, the lingering question for the Adanacs defense was, “How to slow down the Excesliors captain?” The tide began to swing for the Adanacs defense after a too many men penalty forced their man-down unit to take to the floor. Their strategy was simple, lock-off Teat and play 4 on 3. The unconventional, or more aptly, less used method of shutting a player off, a strategy that is much more prevalent in the field game, worked to their advantage as the Adanacs did not let up a single man-up goal in the second period, despite three separate penalties. Furthermore, the Adanacs offense outscored the Excelsiors 3-2 in the frame, bringing the score at the end of the period to 6-5 for the Excelsiors.

The third period saw an outbreak of goals from the Adanacs, as they scored four unanswered goals in the first six minutes of play. This rush of goals gave the Adanacs their first lead of the night and put a slight cushion between them and the Excelsiors. Moreover, and more importantly, their defense held the Excelsiors offense and Jeff Teat in check, not allowing him a single point in the period, a feat few teams have accomplished. Restraining the Excelsiors offense threat, which only managed three goals in the period, enabled the Adanacs team to settle in and take control of the final period. Their defense would hold steadfast, as their offense added an additional two goals, including an empty net goal from Captain Reid Bowering that gave the Adanacs an 11-9 victory and 1-0 series lead.

The two teams will face off again in Game Two on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018 at 7:00 pm MST.

***UPDATE: Both Head Coach Dan Teat and

Game Leaders:

Coquitlam Adanacs

Larson Sundown (1 Goals, 4 Assists)

Christian Del Bianco (37 Saves)

Brampton Excelsiors

Clarke Petterson (2 Goals, 5 Assists)

Steven Orleman (43 Saves)


Alberta Lacrosse Association

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