Okotoks Falls Short to Coquitlam in Day Two Finale

Adanacs Hold Off Raider’s Late Push in 12-7 Victory

CALGARY, Alberta – Similar to the Brampton Excelsiors in the early game, the Adanacs came into the late game coming off an impressive victory over the Calgary Mountaineers, in which a stellar defensive performance limited the Mountaineers to a single goal. Conversely, the Raiders came into the game coming off a struggling defensive performance against the Brampton Excelsiors, in which they allowed twenty-five goals. 

For both the Raiders and the Adanacs, the first period had echoes of their previous game, as the Adanacs offense and defense initially appeared to overwhelm the Raiders team. However, after five Adanac goals, two of which came from Chase Scanlan, the Raiders switched goaltenders, inputting Elijah Uema-Martin, which seemed to spark new life into the Raiders team, as Uema-Martin began to stop the ball with some consistency, an element the Raiders didn’t have in their first game. Despite the switch, the Adanacs would score four more goals in the period, while the Raiders would only score two. 

With a lopsided early score of 9-2 for the Adanacs, fans started to grimace at a potential fourth consecutive blowout game at the 2018 Minto Cup. Indifferent to the mood around the Max Bell Centre, the Raiders came out of the period invigorated and dead set on closing the seven-goal gap. The Raiders team that came out of the second period looked extensively better than the team we saw for their first four periods in the tournament. Their defense pressured the Coquitlam Adanacs into turning the ball over and while their goaltender continued to make consistent stops at the plethora of shots the Adanacs generated. On the other side of the ball, the Raiders offense began to move the ball with fluidity and generate multiple good scoring chances, including three consecutive goals in the period, two by Carter Brand, who had three points in the period. The Raiders would score three goals in the period, outscoring the Adanacs in the second by a score of 3-2. The Adanacs still held a lofty 11-5 heading into the third period, but the Raiders finally appeared to find a way to compete in the tournament and treat the fans to a competitive lacrosse game.

The Raiders continued to improve in the third, including several fantastic saves from their goaltender. However, the Raiders simply could not muster enough scoring against Christian Del Bianco and the Adanacs defense to mount a comeback. Tyler Sonnichsen and Brett MacIntyre would add a goal each for the Raiders, while the Adanacs Colin Munro added a single goal in the period. Despite the Raiders outscoring the Adanacs in two consecutive periods, the Adanacs would hold on to a 12-7 victory and advance to 2-0 in the tournament. 

It will be interesting to see how the Raiders advance in the tournament, having played markedly better in their second game they will face their Alberta rivals, the Calgary Mountaineers (0-2) Saturday night at 8:00 pm MST. The Adanacs will face off against the Brampton Excelsiors(2-0), who have yet to lose in the tournament as well. The Adanacs will face the Excelsiors at 4:30 pm MST Saturday evening.

Game Leaders:

Coquitlam Adanacs

Chase Scanlan (3 Goals, 3 Assists)

Christian Del Bianco (33 Saves)

Okotoks Raiders:

Carter Brand (2 Goals, 3 Assists)

Elijah Uema-Martin (43 Saves)

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