Coquitlam Dominates Calgary in Opening Game

Coquitlam Wins 16-1 After Near Perfect Defensive Effort

CALGARY, Alberta – The 2018 Minto Cup National Championship opened with a dominant defensive performance, in which the Coquitlam Adanacs put together a complete performance over the host Calgary Mountaineers team.

From the outset of the game, the Calgary Mountaineers found themselves in a match-up where they were thoroughly outmatched in most aspects of the game. Five straight goals in just over seven minutes led to a quick goalie change, alternating Zachary Yopek-Stabel for Laine Hruska. The goalie change had little effect as their issues defending the Adanacs offense persisted. Throughout the first period, and through much of game, the Adanacs continued to move the ball with fluidity and ease, this combined with an extremely effective pick and roll game led to a cumulative ten goals in the first period, whereas, the Mountaineers only mustered one.

The Mountaineers entered the second period, quite literally just prior to the intermission clock expiring, seemingly needing as much time as possible to regroup and adjust as much as possible against the Adanacs. Their defense settled down as the game wore on and their defensive units began to make multiple stops in the defensive end. Despite playing much more soundly on defense, the Mountaineers offense failed to generate an abundance of high-percentage scoring opportunities. With heavy ball pressure at the top of the floor and by covering the middle of the floor, the Adanacs defensive units made the life of their goalie, Christian Del Bianco relatively routine. It’s difficult to call only allowing one goal in over fifty-one minutes of play routine, however, the Adanacs defensive corp played brilliantly off  Del Bianco and Del Bianco played well off them. This sound combination led the Adanacs to shut out the Mountaineers in the second period, as their offense lengthened the lead with a goal from Larson Sundown and Chase Scanlan that would give both players three goals on the night and give their team a 14-1 lead.

With the game firmly out of reach, the third period saw the Adanacs scoring output decrease. Despite this, very little changed with regards to their defensive performance. Even with a goaltender change after the thirteen-minute mark of the third period, the defense continued its smothering performance shutting out the host team for the second consecutive period. The Adanacs added a pair of goals in the third period to walk away with a 16-1 victory.

The Adanacs will look forward to a match-up with the RMLL Champion Okotoks Raiders tomorrow night at 8:00 pm MST, while the Mountaineers will continue to play in the early-slot against the OJALL Champion Brampton Excelsiors at 5:00 pm MST.

Game Leaders:

Coquitlam Adanacs

Larson Sundown (3 Goals, 4 Assist)

Chase Scanlan (3 Goals, 4 Assist)

Christian Del Bianco  (27 Saves)

Calgary Mountaineers

Jake Foster (1 Goal)

Laine Hruska (30 Saves)

Alberta Lacrosse Association

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