Brampton Buries Okotoks in Thursday Night Showdown

Brampton Wins 25-8 After An Impressive Offensive Output

CALGARY, Alberta – The second game of the night featured the RMLL Champion Okotoks Raiders facing the OJALL Champion Brampton Excelsiors. The crowd filled Max Bell Arena in anticipation of a much more competitive match than the previous game. For the first five minutes of the game, it appeared that the Raiders were ready to do so. After the Raiders and the Excelsiors exchanged goals, Brett McIntyre added two straight consecutive, one of which occurred on a man-up opportunity. With a three-goal lead and the crowd clearly on their side, the Raiders sought to continue to push the pace and extend their lead. However, the combination of Jeffrey Teat and Clarke Petterson had alternative ideas. A goal from Teat, followed by two straight goals from Petterson, both of which Teat assisted, and another Teat goal, put the Excelsiors up by two goals in a matter of minutes. The flow of goals continued with six additional unanswered goals from a myriad of Excelsiors offensive players pushed the game to 11-3 at the conclusion of the first period.

The Excelsiors opened the second period with three additional goals pushing their unanswered goal streak to thirteen and their lead to 14-3. The goaltenders for the Raiders, both of whom saw action in this game, along with the defensive units in front of them had no answer for any of the Excelsiors offense weapons. The Excelsiors offense, headed by Jeff Teat who accumulated an incredible twelve points in two periods, continued to score with relative ease from every area of the floor. Their offense weapons would combine for eight more goals in the period, diminishing any possible momentum created from the Raider’s three goals in the period. The Excelsiors would exit the period with a commanding 19-6 lead over the Alberta champion.

The last twenty minutes of the game mirrored the first forty minutes. Brampton continued to score at will on the Raiders defense, adding an additional six goals in the period, as they exited the game with an impressive 25-8 victory.

The Excelsiors (1-0) will take on the Calgary Mountaineers (0-1) at 5:00pm MST on Friday, while the Raiders (0-1) will take on the Coquitlam Adanacs (1-0) on Friday at 8:00 pm MST.

Game Leaders:

Brampton Excelsiors

Jeff Teat (6 Goals, 8 Assists)

Clarke Petterson (3 Goals, 6 Assists)

Steve Orleman (28 Saves)

Okotoks Raiders

Brett McIntyre (3 Goals, 1 Assist)

Elijah Uema-Martin (26 Saves)

Alberta Lacrosse Association

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